I Love To Be A Mum

Sometimes I ponder why I love to be a mum,
I think of these reasons,which I will tell you in sum.

Being the most tired in my life,but still be happy,
Breathing in the best smell in the world-a sleeping baby!

Marvelling at my baby`s face and wondering,what is in store for her future,
And feeling a tiny fist curling my finger.

Discovering all the little characteristics that make her unique,
Is it her long fingers or nose,or cute chubby cheeks.

Wondering what from me my baby has inherited,
My lips or eyes,or my being high spirited.

Gazing into her eyes,and knowing she trusts me totally,
How infectious a baby giggle can be,I agree completely.

Relishing making up,after a tantrum,with a hug and kiss,
And the showering of love,oh! How did I miss!

Learning everything I can,about multitasking,
Like cajoling a cranky baby,while net surfing.

Watching grand parents spoiling their little treasure rotten,
Seeing them singing children songs,which they had almost forgotten.

Enjoying the chance to be silly again-by quacking like a duck or jumping like a frog,
Rediscovering the simple pleasures of life-like feeling the soft fur of a dog.

Gradually,getting used to be called as my baby’s mummy,
Eagerly waiting for the moment when she will say, ‘I Love You Mummy!’

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

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