Journey From India To London

As I am sitting in my room, through the window peeping,
A flash of thoughts inside my mind are seeping,
I wonder how much my life has changed,
Straight from India to London..I`m amazed!

I miss my hometown which I had to abandon,
To come to the sparkling,vivacious London.
My life suddenly took a very big turn,
As a lot new things,I was supposed to learn.

I remember the simple life of my town,
Where people thronged whenever I was down,
Those samosas and sweets of nearby shop,
That taste I haven`t found even in the shops on top.

The noise of the vendors,calling on the street,
The cows and the dogs on the way you meet,
Waking up late till night and talking for hours,
Especially when there was no electric power.

No doubt,London is a wonderful place to be,
There is so much cleanliness,orderliness and places to see,
No tension of power cuts and lizards in the house,
You will rarely find snakes,mosquitoes or mouse.

Although I have seen beautiful faces around,
But a heart full of warmth,I still haven`t found,
People here are reserved by nature,
To me they sound some different creature.

I still miss the warmth of my simple town,
Especially when I am feeling low or down,
Living in London,I have no regrets or fear,
But to me,my hometown,is really dear!

About the poem:This poem is very close to my heart as I wrote it ten years ago,when I came to London for the first time,in February 2009.Though I was enthralled by the city,I was still missing India,especially my hometown a lot.In the first month of my stay here,I was exploring and understanding London,so at that time, I penned down my feelings in this poem.I am sure many can relate to it, especially those who have relocated or migrated to another town or country.
Now,as I complete my ten years of living here,I can say that,even though my home town still holds a special place in my heart but I am in love with London.It fascinates me in the same way as it did then,but now I understand and appreciate it more.And yes,I have met some very friendly people here and made few good friends.


18 thoughts on “Journey From India To London

  1. Wow! Urvashi.. from Knp to London.. was a huge leap of good luck for you. Knp as a city has always been so laid back and on the contrary.. London.. the change for you must have been humungous. You are right.. your poetry is so relatable.. Well done.

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  2. Superb …so true…I also felt same aftr marriage…still my heart belongs to my hometown….so beautifully written…u r so talented…πŸ’πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. I enjoyed reading this piece today. I love your poetry, the honesty of it and the beauty of your descriptions and thoughts. It is good to know that a decade later, you have adjusted well and enjoy your new home.
    I live in a rural village in Pennsylvaniia in the USA – generations of my ancestors lived in this village before my time. I’ve traveled a lot in my life and spent summers in Europe for years – but now, I am retired and choose to live the peaceful life of this village.

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